How to survive social media

I have social media and it’s likely you do too. If you use social media I’m almost positive you understand that having a good feed is intensely important. So is your following mass and the amount of likes you have. How do you manage to keep up with these responsibilities? Well I’m sure I can help.

To start, you need to make sure you’re not posting for the sake of posting. A badly taken selfie or a blurry shot with you and your friends won’t be taking you anywhere. A good example for you to refer to is Selena Gomez’s Instagram. As the most followed individual on Instagram, her team knows what they are doing. Every shot she has on there is clear and clever two words you should most definitely stick to. You should remember that even though you have active followers that see your posts, they don’t have to like it. Your true mission is to make them like it by have an engaging and interesting photo. Your comment you put under it matters to because if a photo you upload is good but the comment isn’t relevant then your post is dragged down with the stupid words you thought were cool. Artsy and creative comments are highly valued on social media but if you’re not going to do that make sure you try and briefly explain the scenario. Make sure you only talk about the photo and what is happening in it.

Another priority with social media is remembering what your followers can see. If you’re private or public your friends/followers can see who you are following, who is following you, who has tagged you in any sort of photo and you could be unlucky to the subject notification of recent posts you’ve liked. Especially if you aren’t close friends with some of the people following you social media, you just want to make sure what they are seeing is what you want them to see. I know there are certain sides of me that I don’t feel comfortable sharing with everyone one because it’s personal and two if you are a bit ‘unique’ like me you could be subject to some trolling which isn’t good if you don’t want it. Only put out what you are comfortable sharing and stuff that won’t get you down from the losers of the internet.

My final statement for today is actually about ignoring the people who spend their life writing awful things because they have nothing better to do. On Instagram I know you can block people from being able to comment things you may expect to be said on your page but sometimes that can’t eliminate everyone. You can delete comments if you like but still sometimes stuff like that can get to you. Please don’t hesitate to speak to someone if some little waste of our air is spending their time writing mean things because that’s all they are actually good at. It’s not worth your time and most certainly not worth harming yourself. You are perfect just the way you are and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. People who write hideous things are hideous people and there’s nothing more to it. While its best to ignore it, I happen to be one for just shutting them down if I know I can. Make sure it’s smart and precise and funny which puts them right in their place. But while that is fun when you completely shade them out of the sun, it’s also a mega risk to more bullying so I’d suggest just blocking them and deleting comments. It’s all round safer.

There you have it! How to do social media and keep the likes rolling in. Speaking of, you can all go follow @thesylverangel on Instgram which is doing awfully compared to this website. Thanks so much for keeping up to date!! Love you Dolls!!!



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