What to do with your hair

Hey Dolls!!

My long awaited blog is finally here and I'm sure this one can help all!! Some tips for most hair type like thick, thin, straight, curly, short and long. Enjoy!

If you have thin hair, that's unfortunate but it doesn't have to be. There are millions of ways to make it look thicker! If you ask me, I suggest not tying it up because that won't do you any favors. If you must, take a small section of your hair at the back of your head, tie it up, get the rest of your hair, tie it directly over the hair tie and I'm sure it will immediately look thicker. Wrapping a strand of hair around the hair tie also helps. If you have thin hair, fake hair is your best friend. There are so many lightweight clip ins like that totally work and look thick. Teasing is only good if you know how to do it. don't waste your time hacking at your hair if you don't have the talent. Learn from someone else or stay clear. Shoulder length bobs are great for thin hair because while it's long it becomes heavier and drags down the hair making it look flat. If you have shorter hair, it begins to be bouncier and appear thicker.

If you have thick hair, you probably don't have many problems. A tip from someone with thick hair, no teasing, no dry shampoo and definitely try to be all natural. I am a fan of my Ghd Platinum flat iron but it's really bad for my hair and nothing looks worse than flat lifeless hair. Enjoy the body your hair has and if you have super long hair, avoid tying it up. It will just give you a head ache.

I myself have predominately straight hair but I occasionally get the temptation to make it straighter. Avoid that at all measures because the less drying out you have to do, the better. If your curling your hair for a fun look, I think it's really fun to leave the ends of of the curling iron. The wave to straight is really trendy at the moment and can to you some favors. Whatever you do, don't give yourself ringlets. It just ends up looking really tacky.

If you have curly hair, embrace it as much as possible! You're one of the lucky few to have it naturally so don't be ruining it! Ponytails and braids don't help it keep it's natural form so try and hang away from that. Avoid grabbing that ghd when possible because every straighten is another step to taking out your curl. Natural always wins so just let it.

If you have short hair, style your hair with smaller strands. There's no point in braiding the whole front section of your head if it's going to sprout out like leaves. If it's tiny you'll have more of a chance. Body isn't really needed if you have short hair so don't make roof height teases otherwise you'll just look plain ugly.

If you have long hair, do what you gotta do. Braids, curls you name it! It's the perfect canvas for all hairstyles and works fantastic. Don't be afraid to play with what you've got and enjoy the fact that you can do every style in the book (pretty much).

After all those jumbled thoughts and words. I hope you found what you were looking for and enjoyed the long awaited blog. It's unclear when the new lay out will go up but I can assure you it's sooner than you think! Love you Dolls!!



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