Thank you all for 2017

It's been a pretty solid six months for me. Ever since the launch of my website things have been looking more positive. I can't thank you all enough for all the love and support you've been sending my way and for keeping up to date with everything.

2017 has been pretty good to me if I'm honest. It gave me, plenty of nice clothing and makeup and so many more talents and discoveries. It gave us our new addition to the family Teddy who is the most precious bundle of joy ever and I couldn't be more in love.

I really do hope that everything I'm trying to do has reached most of you and that I've some how helped you guys move past the obstacles in your lives this year with my writing. In 2018, I pray at night that things will change more than they already have. Discrimination of any kind needs to end all together and that may not happen for a while but the closer we get the better.

I've really enjoyed reading some of your fan mail and seeing you guys in person. I'm always happy to take a selfie at the MTR station or wherever you guys can find me. This new year coming I promise to be around more as long as you guys tell me exactly what you want and I'll deliver. Thanks for this year dolls.



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