How to explain to someone you don't like them

I know that all these latest blogs seem negative but this is the last for a while I promise! I tell a lot of people that I don't like them whether it's subtle or not. Read on to get the tips.

So the first way you could do it is my go to option. I call this cutting strands. Why? Well you know when people decide to cut of big amounts of hair and they do it really quickly and regret it immediately. That's why but anyway, I just straight up tell said person whether they're be annoying or not that I can't stand them. This generally happens more often with guys because they have a very good way at getting on my nerves. If you know that no relationship could ever go further tell them that. If it becomes awkward, walk away. Don't stand there being uncomfortable if you don't have to.

The next way is a bit more subtle. This isn't exactly like saying I don't like you but as if you were to say "we don't click." Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a conversation and it suddenly occurs to you that you could never be friends because you're so opposite. That's like my everyday routine. No of course you don't have to tell them but what about the people who come up to you to have lengthy conversations about stuff that is irrelevant in your world. You have to cut these ties unless you want to waste your time making small talk if you don't have to. I just say 'look I don't get you' and then they'll be like what and I'll just say 'you're really nice but we are so different.' If they still keep trying revert to option 1. Tell them straight up that you don't like conversing and walk away.

There you have it, there are more blogs coming soon as I have now returned from my website hiatus. So stay tuned I have some cool content coming for you!!!



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