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What is my favorite food

I know a lot of you sit at home at night in bed and think to yourselves 'what is Sam Sylvester's favorite food?' Well the answer isn't simple people. It's actually quite the opposite.

I love the idea of being skinny and fit and going to the gym but it all comes back to brownies. They are definitely up there for favorite food because they have a good balance between chewy and soft plus they are exactly what I need after a long day of dealing with people I don't exactly like but pretending I do like them for a drama free life. If I do one day become bigger than the white house I can assure it has something to do with brownies.

My other up there food is waffles. I had my first set of waffles in the Venetian Macao and since then I've been in complete love with them. I made the most utter amazing discovery that putting cinnamon sugar on top of a waffle is the new flavor from heaven. I don't think I can actually have waffles without cinnamon sugar again. Make sure you don't bout ground cinnamon on it though. It sucks.

Lastly, my other favorite food contender is tempura. May I just add, if you're a fitness lover or health expert, please stop reading! This will make you cry. I absolutely crave deep fried food every second of my life. I love fries, deep fried ice-cream (which is actually really good) and deep fried eggplant (which is also a contender but y'all probably don't know what that is). I know it's like so awful but these foods just make me so happy!

After all, we never even found out what I really like because I'm so in decisive. Contact me and tell me what your favorite foods are in the section below!!!

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