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How to deal with people you don't like

More often than you would believe, I deal with people I really don't get along with. Here are four simple tips on how to deal with people you don't like. Before I begin, I want to explain that these people fall into different categories. One: It's mutual and you both dislike each other. Two: You like them but they don't like you so you begin to not like them. Three: They like you but you don't like them which believe me is all kinds of annoying.

Firstly, if you both don't like each other, keep your conversation short and sweet. I don't know how bad your relationship is but honestly, the less time you have to spend with this said person the better. It's not like you have to be best friends! You just have to be polite and courteous. Just a simple "hi" and "how are you" will do the trick. No need to talk about the goal they scored over the weekend or the job they just got fired from. I like to just pretend I'm really happy that I get to converse with them, then wish them a good day and then it's finally over. Whatever you do, make sure you're not gossiping about them with people that are also mutual friends with said person. It's okay to tell someone you dislike them but you really don't want it to come back and bite you. Think before you speak or even text for that matter (which is worse because they have clear evidence) and remember nothing is private.

Secondly, if you like someone but the feeling is not mutual and you begin to dislike them, it's best to leave it be. You obviously wanted to be friends and this other person didn't. As much as that's quite rude, you have to remember to just let it go. Everyone has at least 5 people that they don't like and it's truly your life job to make sure you're not someone's disliked person. You can make small chat but I beg of you, do NOT embarrass yourself. If you still truly just want to be friends with them, then I suggest you find out what their interests are and just be generally nice. Don't force something that just wasn't meant to be.

Thirdly, I'm sure everyone has that one person that just likes them but the feeling is so NOT mutual. You can't be mean at all. You don't have to be best friends but you don't have to be bitter. Fake it til' you make it. Be friendly and be nice. If they begin to get annoying, just find a way to avoid them and end the conversation politely. At some point in time you have to acknowledge their existence and they generally just want to be friendly, let them consider you as one of their friends. Take one for the team hun. It doesn't have to be so hard.

Fourthly and finally, if you don't like someone so much that you want to just feel and seem perfect around them, I've got your cover. This does not mean making snarky comments and being rude but simply just having a great time in their eyes. As I've said in every other tip, always be nice. If this person is someone whose mean and awful and you want to appear like it doesn't bother you well, this is just for you doll. A start is to always be surrounded with people that know and like. It'll make it harder for them to target you and show their dislike for you if there are people who would have your back. Next make sure you're on your best behavior around them and don't give them anything to use against you. If you say something that they would condemn stupid or dumb, I can almost assure you that it will come back like an Australian boomerang. They already have a gun so don't give them bullets. Super easy. Avoid using stuff against them so they won't feel like it's their duty to return the favor as well. My final suggestion is to always be yourself. Don't let anyone or anything change who you are because they are probably just jealous. Being who you are may not be exactly be easy but I know it's something some people just can't do. By being yourself you might be helping someone else express themselves too.

There you have it. Four easy tips to keep yourself from having MEGA drama. A drama free life is a dream but as drama free as you can be is what you should aim for. Thanks for keeping up to date with my blog and I can't wait to hear what you have to say! Message me in the contact section at the bottom of the home page and I'll reply back!

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