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Sorry not sorry

You'll come to a point in your life where you'll be receiving so much of something. Whether it's good or bad that depends. At some point I'm sure you are just going to think enough but you have to say it too. I find myself saying it a lot because it happens often but you don't have to be sorry.

You don't have to be sorry for wanting what you want or not having the same interests as someone. This is kind of about bullying because I recently read something about this boy constantly getting bullied and then he committed suicide because he never stood up to anyone or sought help from someone who could help. Why? Because he was scared. He probably got bullied because he wasn't one of the typical guys but actually someone who sung a different song and did different things but was alienated by his peers. Eventually you have to just own it and forget about what stupid kids have to say because it's not important. It's definitely not going to affect you later on because life goes on and you don't ever have to spend another day with said idiots. There is so much after school to come. So much freedom or if you are working and getting bullied in the office, you'll probably get a raise or leave the job soon anyway. When one door closes another opens always. Don't be afraid to like what you like and do what you do because no one should be able to dictate your life. No bratty mean girl clique or a group of boisterous guys. Shake it off, ignore it, crumple they're words like a piece of paper! Or throw shade and if you do bring a whole thunderstorm and then hair flip walk off. Do whatever it takes to silence the losers. Whatever you choose to do make sure you come out on top and don't put yourself in a bad position. Good always wins, you just have to let it. I'm a strong believer in good old Karma. If you're Australian, think about it like a boomerang, what goes around comes around. So sorry not sorry. Stuff the haters they don't deserve you. They are probably just jealous.

If you are contemplating suicide, don't hesitate to call:

Hong Kong

+852 23820000


13 11 14

United States of America


United Kingdom

0800 068 41 41

Thanks so much! It really affects me to hear about tragic loses of people to self harm because of their sincere unhappiness. Just because you're not happy now doesn't mean you won't be happy soon.

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