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How to support someone

From time to time I find someone close to me who will lean on me for support. I struggle to support myself and keep it all together in a nice bow so supporting others is a real chore. Whether you as a person like helping others or not, to maintain a happy relationship of any type you have to help a girl out (or a boy for that matter).

I have this one close friend who is beautiful but so painful. They'll be like "support me! support me!" and even if i don't believe in what he's doing I have to pretend to save his feelings. I like to consider myself a very blunt person but it's okay to tell a white lie here and there. The truth is sometimes best covered in some honestly beautiful packaging by Ky rather than out there hurting feelings. You don't have to like what he/she says but he/she doesn't have to know you don't like it if it saves you a million texts about their utter sadness that you abandoned them. Show some compassion and feeling because if it was back to front, you'd be wanting the same kind of attention.

Whatever you do, you can't make them change their stance. You can't change who a person is by manipulating into believing what you believe. Let them have their own mind. My second youngest sister is very good at controlling my youngest sister. She'll tell her how boring it will be alone and trades things and gets very tactical. She did it to the point where I considered that manipulation is truly an art. Taking over ones mind trains them to doubt themselves over time instead of building confidence in what they are and what they believe. It can get really messy when lack of confidence is held in your arms because you consistently told them they were wrong. No one will ever change but they can grow against themselves but not with themselves. Quote of the year I know!

Finally, play ball! Go against player who tries to bat ya boy out (or girl). I can't stand when my friends come over and the second my mom says something they'll jump ship and join her team. I don't care if your being nice! I spent the time texting you and getting to know you and the second my superior has something to say it's "yea she's right." Someone that hasn't made the hours to days to years to calm you over the most stupid things. Always be on the team that you would want when you go for a swim in hot water. Betrayal runs deep in a parallel lines. You scratch my back I scratch your bike. You slap me I slap you harder. Expect what you give is what I'm trying to say in all of this clutter of words. You know who you are gorg. Come to bat for me.

Anyway to conclude, support others by encouraging their stance and fighting for their choices. That is if you would like to pursue a continuing relationship. Many of you dislike her but I am a fan so Happy Birthday Kylie! Love you! For the rest of you guys, something very exciting is launching as soon as I get my act together. It will be a closer view on me and so much more entertaining!



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