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How to be unique

Okay readers, if you've read some of my other blogs, it's pretty clear I am no average person. I stray from the pack and that's how I like it. No gender stereotypes telling me what to do (actually there are but I just ignore them...). You've got to live life the way you want to no matter what any waste-of-your-time kind of person has to say. Read on because this is the blog that shouldn't be missed.

I am the definition of quirky. (I can feel a ton of you going 'you go girl'). There have been many people trying to tear me down and I won't lie they did. I used to come home, sit by my toilet and cry. Cry until I forgot why I was actually crying but it all changed when I started watching scream queens. Random right! Just watching Chanel (Emma Roberts) yell at people gave me life. Gave me the power I needed to shake off the haters. People who say mean things are truly nothing more than what they say. Life changing. You're welcome. At some point in my school life I realized that ignoring stuff may not actually get you anywhere. Sometimes you just gotta throw shade and that's what I did. They said my eyes were far apart (they aren't and never have been) I would tell them that their full blown city of acne was taking over. They would tell me I was fat, I would tell those snotty-nose boys to go get a bra you've got more boobs than I do. Finally a more common one was that everyone would call me gay. Shame, I might just die. Wake up people it's the 21st century. We don't live in the era of discrimination anymore. Gay shouldn't be and has never been an insult. Calling someone a sexuality isn't a put down, actually it's just unintelligent.

The real way to be unique is to try and not feel influenced by things that don't genuinely interest you. I have never nor will ever be interested in sport (apart from tennis). I don't want to watch people abuse each other wrestling on live tv. I don't want to watch people throwing rugby balls at each others heads. I want to go shopping that's my thrill. I like girl things more than I like boy things and that's unique. Breaking the mold is the new trend so get on board people. It's time. Time to captivate on this opportunity to truly utterly love life because I know I do. But do you?

Much love,

- Sam


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