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Finding your passion

Hey everyone, hope you guys are all really pumped and excited for this super wild blog week. Don't forget to enter your suggestions and try and keep it PG-13. Otherwise I'm have to wave off any little cuties keeping up to date with this fab content.

Anyway. I have found my passion but have you found your passion? There are so many things you can love even if they are a tad weird. To begin your great journey, these tips should get you started:

A passion combines interest and talent. It's no passion if you're good at it but you don't love it. Love it or leave it bubs. It's different if you love it but you aren't good at it. Everything comes with practice, time and concentration. I find with everything I'm into, as lazy as I am, I will find the time for it and develop it until I can no more. For a starter, I'm really good at hair and I love doing it. I've always loved it but I haven't always been good at it. I've burnt many people, screwed up lots of hair and cut too much off but if that all didn't happen, I wouldn't be as good as I am now. But I still have much more to learn.

Get support for your passion. Talk to friends and family about what you're into whether you know they are going to like it or not. It's your life and your choice. No one owns you (unless they've copyrighted you as a person then sucks for you). If you have someone to be interested in something with you, it makes it all the more fun. Don't be pressured into something that you aren't into.

Finally, if you plan to pursue a passion like fashion or sports, plan it out. I spend my whole entire life thinking about my career and where blogging might take me. If you'd like to make a career out of what you love, you should totes make a to-do list to get you there. Mine changes all the time. Right now I'm juggling the idea of merchandise and whether you guys would buy it. Would you? Anyway, as a wise man once said so many times people made a mockery of it, those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

Alright everyone! There's so much more coming and I can't wait for you to see what I have planned for you. Keep the suggestions rolling babes K? Some surprise little blogs launching during blog week so stay tuned.

Much love,



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