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How to deal with stress

You're an alien if you've never felt the heat of pressure. For the most of you out there, I know what it's like to have your hands tied in piles of work and commitment. But there's so much more you can do other than sitting in your office chair feeling sorry for yourself.

Procrastination is not your friend. I am the ultimate king of procrastination but I wish I wasn't. I happen to let everything pile up until I'm stuck staring at myself in the mirror (as usual) contemplating what to do with myself and how to fix my life. Rich coming from me yes but, I know but it's best to just get started. The sooner it's done the faster you'll be able to resume the life that you want to be living.

If you're like me and eventually you end up staring at your computer wondering what to say about an incomplete assignment, help is super handy. I always ask for help one because it takes some of the weight off and two because your task becomes much easier because you don't have to work as long. You should totally keep a nerd around who is helpful. But seriously a parent or someone who's skilled in the particular area could really help. Especially if you come home late at night and feel like an air-head.

Third and Finally, talk to someone about your pounding stress. When I get stressed I get this AWFUL muscle twisting in my eyelids. I was talking to someone when that happened once and he literally jumped and said "that's some spooky ....". I'm not typing that. Underneath all of that I'm trying to say that if you are under that much stress, find a school counsellor or therapist if you're in the working world. Just really anyone who can relieve your worries. Just letting yourself bottle up to the point where you might just pop won't get you anywhere.

You got it girl. How to deal will stress in three paragraphs. As much as you think you can handle it by yourself, please don't conceal it. It's not a zit people these are your real life problems and you can start by just easing of your work load one by one. That said if you have stress because of another person or something going on in your home life, I implore you to definitely speak to someone because I know what thats like to be wherever you're living and not having an escape.

Much love,

- Sam

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