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Why you shouldn't commit suicide

I'll be real with you guys, these thoughts have crossed my mind too. I've been subject to intense bullying and hate but every time I've grown past because as humans, that's what we do best. Daily people kill themselves for family issues, academic issues, social issues and so much more. Someone who's open about suicide isn't someone who's very much so in need. People out there who are silent about their misery until the day of their deaths need us the most. They need some saving and it all starts with you. You need to start with not being mean because you can. To our lost souls, you're not alone. It's 2017 and we should be unified and I'm sorry we aren't.

You have so much to live for. If you have a hard life right now, turn that T-shirt inside out, just because your canvas is a little dirty doesn't mean you can't paint over it. Sure it will still leave mark but it will add character to your masterpiece. Even if you are an awful person and you bully others, you still have no reason to kill yourself. Everyone in this world is a valuable person on this planet whether their actions are good or not. There are so many alternatives than to death because there will always be a window to climb out of, a yes in a sea of no's, a ray of light in complete darkness.

It's not just you that you are affecting. Whether you're loved by someone or not, you're changing peoples lives forever. Changing the destiny of someone you were meant to meet. Changing the universe's outcome. Your dear mother being left in pieces after you selfishly gave in to life's obstacles. Every person left right and centre will be deeply affected whether you like it or not.

Your chances are risky. Who actually knows what happens when we die. Death is debated non stop and no one is quite sure what happens when we die. But what if there's a special spot in hell for people who kill themselves. What happens if there's completely nothing after. The afterlife is so chance-y and I don't know about you but I want to ultimately live life to it's fullest. You may only have one chance. You gotta ride the horse until it can't ride no more. Eventually life will make it impossible for you to live because of old age, diseases, murder, car accidents, plane accidents, bombings just whatever the hell life can throw at you to get rid of you. That's just how it will always be. Chance-y. But you have to take a chance and live while you can. Instead of living in fear of little things that don't matter, thrive. Thrive because out of all the matter in the universe you get to be something. Nothing anyone can say to you can deprive you from that right to live. That right to live and be who you were born to be. Born to flourish, smile, dance, sing, play. Whatever makes you feel your happiest is what you were made to do. That's why you shouldn't kill yourself. Because now is now but the future holds so much more and you just have to wait and see what's next. As the unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt once said, "You can stand anything for 10 seconds. Then you just start on a new 10 seconds." Of course you could do that over and over again but wherever you are and whatever you are doing you can make it through. No matter however hard you are being beaten, no matter how much pressure is put on. You will make it out alive. If I can, you can and if you can, you are already improving our world. Just one step at a time. Spread love, not hate.

Suicide hot lines:

Hong Kong

+852 23820000


13 11 14

United States of America


United Kingdom

0800 068 41 41

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