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How to deal with annoying family friends

Ever find yourself at a family dinner sat next to some brat that you hate. Trust me it happens to me more often than you'd think. These tips will get you through annoying family friend relationships or just any annoying person in general.

Firstly, don't lead them on. Don't be fake. By pretending to be invested in what someones saying, its quite likely they'll continue talking. Just keep everything polite and basic. Sometimes when the said person begins to talk to me I pretend I don't hear them or I'm already in another conversation. That way I'm not upsetting anyone or harming my parent's friendships.

Secondly, don't loose your cool. The second you loose your cool is the second that you show a sign of weakness. I pretend not to be fazed and keep all my emotion in a little box. That way you avoid being wound up or aggravated. It's taken me years to work out how to get over stupid little rivalries I mean no shade but I made it somewhere unlike some people who tried. The other thing I had to put up with is people copying my looks and style. That seriously had me raging. After all that I learnt to fake it till I made it. Not even stooping down to personal insults and just rising above it all. Pretending not to care seriously triggers people all you have to do is keep your lips together.

Lastly, at all costs avoid fighting. Just like our parents, our friends mean the world to us. Don't jeopardize their friendship because their snot nose, bratty offspring are annoying. Picture it that one day your friends might have kids and your little cutie may not appreciate one of their happy accidents. You'd want your kids to get along because your friends are important to you. So I guess unfortunately your going have to bite your lip and suck it up. What I do is I have my friends around during these events to distract me from my urge to stab a fork into the table. If you love your parents like I do, I'm sure you'll make it through.

There you have it. How to survive the worst of family friends. I really hope you guys can relate. How's 2018 been treating y'all. Good I hope! Keeping sending me suggestions for blogs and blogs and I hear from you guys soon. Love you guys.

Much love,

- Sam


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