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Everyone is weird

I'm sure you all know I'm weird but do you know that you are too. You could be the most generically normal person who does everything complying to the usual social norms but come on! No one was born without one strange, little kink. Whether it's that you like your bed sheets folded a certain way or you have a phobia of holes, there's something bizarre about you.

Whoever you are wherever you are, you aren't normal. Sorry. There is no one on this planet that is a replica of you. We are all individually unique but what makes us unique? Our flaws and kinks. Those of you who are reserved and quiet may seem to be boring but the more quiet you are, the more I think you're secretly a killer. Hence the saying "it's always the quiet ones." Even people like me who can't keep their mouths shut to save their lives don't necessarily showcase every little detail. People are more weird than you think. Just as you are too. If you even have to ask yourself if whatever you're doing is weird, it probably is.

Why am I telling you this? I'm telling you this because I want you to pause before you open your mouth to label another human being 'weird'. I mean you're weird too... Right. Even your name could be weird. Even the most normal people aren't normal. Not everyone gets to be John Smith who lives in America, goes to a state school, plays quarter back and wants to be a doctor. Sorry but I don't buy it.

So instead of picking people apart for their kinks, embrace it! If everyone was the same then life would be boring. If we all stopped separating ourselves, the world would be a happier place. I regret to inform you but races don't own hairstyles and clothing. Just because you are western, you don't run the world. Just because a religion's original rules are in a prehistoric book, doesn't mean awful, barbaric concepts should be carried through to the modern world. Evolve people. Now that we understand everyone is weird, can accept that being weird is normal. Being different is normal and the world should be here for it. Not against it.

Much love,

- Sam


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